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The world's first live-chat recruitment platform.

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Built for Recruiters

FlashRecruit is a live-chat platform enabling recruiters to connect in real-time with job seekers to make meaningful, online connections.

Start the Conversation

Engage with job seekers when and how they prefer to qualify new opportunities, through custom live-chat built for recruiters.

Increase Talent Pool

Enhance the quality and quantity of candidates by maximizing the results of your job advertisements, social media, career site, and more.

Recruiter Output

Screen and qualify a candidate quickly. Move them through to next step in your process. Phone screen, interview, or disqualify a candidate immediately.

Candidate Experience

Improve your recruitment brand through real-time connections. Allow instant connections to answer candidate questions, and help determine appropriate fit.

It’s really frustrating to see the perfect candidate over and over and not get a response, this enables a new way to connect -- and to start the conversation.

Drew, Recruiter at Insight Global

With solutions for any sized company, FlashRecruit can provide a way to source and engage talent utilizing the lastest technology. To schedule your personalized demo, contact us now.

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How It Works

With FlashRecruit, you get a simple, unified platform to interact with and manage candidates, in real-time.

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We know you are busy, that's why we make it painless to get started. Once you are set up, let the candidates come to you.

  1. Complete your profile information
  2. Add your Jobs to generate Chat Links to each specific job
  3. Distribute job postings with your Chat Links
  4. Receive notifications from candidates wanting to chat with you!

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About Us

Our mission is to be the world’s leader in facilitating real-time, online personal connections between job seekers and recruiters. We break down the communication barriers to start the conversation by offering recruiters and job seekers a universally accessible online experience.

Our vision is to create meaningful online communications between job seekers and recruiters so they can spend less time in the recruitment process and more time realizing career ambitions and business goals.

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