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Enrollment Manager

Health IQ, DALLAS texas

This job is no longer available.

We are the Fastest Growing Life Insurance Company. Are You Ready to Join The Movement?

Health IQ is the fastest growing Life Insurance Company in the US. In the last few years, we’ve gone from 0 to $24B in coverage, 0 to 230 employees, 0 to $139MM in venture capital raised. Why is our product selling so fast? We have a data advantage. Health IQ spent 6+ years gathering the science and the proprietary data from our popular Health IQ test (taken 10.2 million times) to convince insurance carriers to give lower rates on life insurance for vegans, marathoners, triathletes, well-controlled diabetics, yogis, Crossfitters, and more. These special rates are exclusive to us saving consumers thousands of dollars each and rewarding them for living a healthy lifestyle.

Summary of the position:

The Enrollment Manager is responsible for the daily operations of Health IQ’s Medicare Enrollment Services. This position leads the business processes to ensure best practice in customer service while maximizing revenue and is responsible for the implementation of operational and technology best practices to improve sales quality, conversion, and retention.

What you will be doing:

  • Manages the day to day operations of the Medicare Enrollment Specialist and Customer Service teams, which are responsible for finalizing enrollments and maximizing retention.
  • Develops strategies and operational plans to achieve department goals related to Health IQ’s revenues from Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and ancillary health products such as dental, vision, hearing, and critical illness insurance.
  • Ensures strict adherence to Medicare contract requirements.
  • Collaborates across teams including, Contracting, Licensing, Compliance, Sales, Marketing, and other departments to handle insurance carrier and customer inquiries and requirements.
  • Ensures the timely intervention of customer issues in order to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Actively promotes the values of the organization - particularly in the areas of customer service, change management, leadership, performance levels, and results orientation.
  • Manages daily team operations, develops schedules, assigns and monitors work and gathers resources
  • Interfaces with carrier partners to evaluate and improve upon our use of their systems and tools in support of submitting applications with 1) high quality, 2) short cycle times, and 3) high placement rates
  • Measures and monitors service performance quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction and to comply with Medicare and all business contract and regulatory requirements
  • Provides operational direction to team and resolves operational issues
  • Conducts analysis of data and reports to improve employee performance
  • Assists with the development and implementation of goals, objectives, and performance standards
  • Oversees and directs the work of the staff to maintain a high quality of work with revenue enhancement and customer service focus 
  • Recommends and implements changes in guidelines, procedures, policies to comply with changes in federal regulatory requirements or to improve efficiencies and performance
  • Performs analysis of data and reports to improve employee performance in order to maintain a superior customer service center. Has joint accountability with the director for service level goals and performance guarantees
  • Performs Enrollment Specialist and/or Customer Service functions as needed

What we’re looking for:

  • Demonstrated leadership ability to get results through others
  • Experience overseeing post-sale operations for a Medicare agency/call center
  • Ability to work with Medicare populations
  • Comprehensive program development, management, and evaluation skills
  • Keep abreast of State and Federal regulations that impact operations in order to properly respond
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, possessing strong presentation skills
  • Knowledge of how to confidently diffuse difficult situations and expertly resolve high exposure complaints
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Windows
  • Salesforce experience is a plus
  • Strong statistical, analytical, problem-solving, organizational and detail orientation skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure in a complex and rapidly changing environment
  • Ability to mentor individual growth
  • Ability to support and comply with organizational policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent customer service skills

Join the Health Conscious Workplace of the Future 

To make the world a healthier place, we started in our own backyard. We created a health-conscious environment that allows each of our employees to reach their own personal health goals. Below are a few of the employee-led programs that make working at Health IQ truly unique.

1. Nutritionally Supportive Environment 

Anyone who has tried to stay healthy knows it’s hard to stick to your particular nutritional goals throughout the day with soda, chips, and sugary treats all around you. So we provide our employees with quality food and snack options, like a limitless supply of organic nuts, fruits, and veggies instead.

2. Optional Midday Fitness Time 

Instead of the usual ping pong table, we’ve dedicated space for our employees to enjoy yoga, spin bikes, exercise equipment, and other wellness activities. Everyone gets 30 minutes each day to focus on their health – whether it’s time for a walk, using the exercise equipment, or daily meditation.

3. Casual Office Attire 

Ever dream of coming to work in your casual fitness attire? Well, that's how we roll at Health IQ! Be comfortable and let your fitness fashion shine!

4. Like-Minded Coworkers 

At the end of the day, we are a business-minded insurance company and we use analytics to measure our success and drive our business. Coming to work and working hard however is much more fun when you are surrounded by like-minded people who are motivated by the same personal goals as you. Our employees are making friends that will last a lifetime.

5. Motivate and Compete 

Many of our employees are current or former athletes who are competitive and like to win. They motivate each other to do their personal best every day, and together we win as a team and as a company!

6. Excellent benefits 

We pay 100% of our employees' costs toward medical, dental and vision insurance. 

Join our team!

Is this Startup Going to Make It? 

We think so. Our CEO sold his last company,, to Google for over $120MM. He was a board member or advisor to over $1B worth of startup exits to companies like Apple, Amazon, LinkedIn, etc. Past performance may not always guarantee future results, but we like our odds. We’ve grown from 23 people to over 200 people between our three locations (Mountain View, San Diego and Dallas). This isn’t because we are spending some of the $140MM+ in financing we received like drunken sailors (in fact we are pretty frugal). This is because our revenues have been doubling almost every month since we started selling policies in January of 2016, and now we are one of the fastest growing online insurance companies and were recently named to Wealthfront's List of Top Companies to Launch a Career during 2019 and recently for 2020!

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