Unit Sales Manager, EA

Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City 41

Unit Sales Manager, EA

Job Description



Importance:     1                      Percent of Total Job:  70%

Major Action: (What you do and how you do it?)

Sales, distribution and selling system

Ensure the excellent execution of sales, distribution and trade promotion plans to achieve the targets that is aligned with the company objectives and strategy for his assigned territory.

Manage the selling system including sales force, distributors, retailers, selling routes, delivery…of his assigned territory that follows the national sales and distribution strategy, model and guidelines.

Ensure the DSR team and distributor(s) comply with Kimberly-Clark Viet Nam working process and policy

Be responsible for the compliance and accuracy of selling and reporting system (MCP, DMS...) at the assigned distributor(s).

Do trade visit, analyse reports to identify market opportunities or problem to fix and work with his team promptly for appropriate solutions

Align monthly plan with distributor, build weekly and daily working plans for distributors and DSRs aligning on sales in & sales out, other KPI targets; allocate promotion budget to each DSR and manage the execution of the team and distributor(s)

Be responsible for distributor(s) orders, account receivables of his assigned territory

Support ASM to review key distributors’ capability, finance and P&L on timely basis to ensure a proper analysis and action plan to improve distributors’ effectiveness & efficiency and reduce risk to Kimberly Clark.

Coordinate and provide feedback, analysis and consultancy about sales, distribution and trade marketing effectiveness to upper level

Expected End Result (Why you do it?)

Achieve or exceed sales, share and distribution targets set for the assigned territory

Right KCV products are sold to the right customers at the right time

All KCV policies and requirements are executed to standards

Best service is provided to the distributors/ retailers and maintain a strong and long-term partnership with them

Trade promotion are controlled within the policy and budget

All issues or business potentials are timely escalated to higher levels with appropriate proposals

Ways to Measure Accomplishment (How you can tell you have done it?  Consider how you will measure and differentiate employee performance during the annual review?)

Achieve sales target of the year: primary and secondary sales target

Achieve target of distribution for each sub-brand

Achieve sales fundamentals target: invoice/DSR/day; SKU/invoice/ SMS…

Achieve target of DSO and AR overdue

Average distributors inventory is within the standard

DMS system meets standard

Importance:                             Percent of Total Job:  20%

Market development, Trade marketing, new products launching

Major Action: (What you do and how you do it?)

Review and update MCP, customer list frequently to identify opportunities to increase sales, fundamentals & efficiency of distributor/team

Ensure the DSR team and distributor(s) to have excellent execution of all trade marketing programs, product launchings in the territory: POSM, customers’ activation, displays…

Manage the trade marketing spending and tools (display, POSM…) to each DSR including creating and maintaining tracking and reporting system.

Provide market information, data analysis and proposals for better promotion plans, launching plans and give.

Expected End Result (Why you do it?)

Meet and exceed all launches’ KPIs in the Assigned territory

All promotion plans are effectively planned and executed

MCP, customer list are accurate

Ways to Measure Accomplishment

  • Achieve all KPIs for new products launch
  • Achieve distribution target by sub-brands
  • Achieve KPIs and target for merchandising and POSMs in the market, PICOS KPIs

Importance:                             Percent of Total Job:  10%

Major Action: (What you do and how you do it?)

People management/organization development

Assess DSR and distributor team competency & propose improvement plans where applicable to distributors / ASM

Provide daily feedback to DSRs for them to improve their skills.

Provide training and coaching to DSRs, delivery team and sales admin at distributor

Build strong winning culture and stable organisation in of at the distributor sites

Expected End Result (Why you do it?)

- 100% of his DSR team are qualified based on KC standards

- High winning spirit, motivation and retention of skilled DSR team.

Ways to Measure Accomplishment (How you can tell you have done it?  Consider how you will measure and differentiate employee performance during the annual review?)

- Resignation rate of DSR and reason.

- Team winning culture judged by sales leadership team

- Improvement in team performance including DSRs

Major Challenges

  • Achieve sales target in the context of growth expectation of around 20-30% when market may slow-down
  • Achieve other sales fundamentals which may or may not be 100% in line with short terms sales focus
  • Growth of Modern Trade at the expense of General Trade in key cities
  • Balance KCV and distributor KPIs
  • Manage and grow capability for DSR team and distributors with varying degree of competency

Scope and Job Nature

The Unit Sales Manager is expected to achieve the company’s objectives by leveraging his knowledge of the following: KC products and categories, internal and external sales and marketing data; General Trade operations in terms of route to market (market knowledge) and distribution operations.

Incumbent is a team leader (of DSRs), and should possess the adequate management and leadership skills so as to assist, mentor, train and motivate team members towards achieving the company’s and distributors’ objectives.

Qualifications & Experience


University background (if not – needs to be proven successful and high potential in KC business (DSR or USS) for at least 3 years)

At least 2 years of experience working in FMCG (if not KC management trainees)

Good Vietnamese (both oral & writing – confident & professional)

Good office computer skills (word, excel, ppt)

Basic/Strong analytical thinking

Compelling communication skills (both oral and writing)

Good negotiation skills

Problem solving

Strong leadership background (planning, coaching, mentoring, etc.,)

Strong Inter-personal skills

Business acumen

Integrity / Innovation / High adaptable


Basic Marketing understanding

Basic Finance concept understanding

Global VISA and Relocation Specifications:

Primary Location

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

Additional Locations

Worker Type


Worker Sub-Type


Time Type

Full time

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