IT Business Analyst - Valdosta or Gainesville, Valdosta Georgia

This job may be located in Valdosta, Georgia or in Gainesville, Florida


The IT/Business Analyst works closely with business teams, manages technical teams and is a major contributor to requirements specification deliverables, writes business and functional requirements; ensures integration between business and technology; performs feasibility analysis, scopes projects, and functions as a project manager to prioritize deliverables and negotiate on product functionalities;  understands development processes – SDLC – and is very analytical with problem-solving and conflict resolution skills to help identify, communicate, and resolve issues; uses computer software to develop models that simulate various "what if" scenarios for the purpose of creating the most efficient and profitable operations; researches Barnes business plans to determine how they operate with technology and how those plans work within the business strategy; works independently or as part of a team to audit each area of business operations, for the purpose of identifying inefficiencies and assessing financial risk;  creates reports for presentation to the Executive Team including, but not limited to, providing recommendations for process improvements and consultative services to successfully facilitate agreed upon changes.


  • Create and prepare scheduled and ad hoc business reports
  • Identify trends and make recommendations for improvement and efficiency
  • Develop dashboards to monitor and manage data trends
  • Analyze reports and documents for accuracy and risk
  • Collect, evaluate, and compress data and information from multiple sources, resolve conflict
  • and differentiate between actual and required user needs
  • Deliver results after thorough research of functional needs by collaborating and communicating
  • between various users
  • Implement strong analytical reasoning to understand end user's requirements and transform
  • those requirements into operational application reporting
  • Collaborate to acquire thorough working knowledge of working systems within the organization
  • Understand business management requirements and translate those requirements to specific
  • software requirements and acceptance criteria to create and achieve reporting deliverables
  • Work closely with managers and the Executive Team to utilize strong technical skills, coupled
  • with business intelligence and a deep understanding of the business needs to ensure transformation
  • into application and operational requirements

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