Facilities and Operations Manager

WEAVE INCORPORATED, Sacramento California

Responsibilities & Duties: Operations Reviews and updates agency emergency plans including evacuation, disaster response, etc. Review, update, and develop policies and procedures related to operations, facilities and IT. Serve as internal resource for ensuring accessibility of facilities and technology. Implement routine practice drills for building evacuations at all locations. Ensure appropriate signage and safety equipment is maintained at all locations. Identify potential hazards and remediate promptly. Prepare annual facility plan with forecasted maintenance needs and costs in collaboration with Facilities Committee. Solicit bids for contracts and repairs in accordance with agency policy and funder requirements. Ensure operations meet government regulations and environmental, health, and safety standards. Review all facility and IT expenses and obtaining payment approval. Manage equipment and facility purchase requests in partnership with department directors. Facility Maintenance Responsible for responding to maintenance requests at WEAVE owned facilities including: Midtown Services Center - 20,000 ft2 building accessed by staff and the public including survivor services, employee offices, administrative operations, and thrift store. Confidential Safehouse Campus 3 acre parcel with Safehouse, Childrens Center, and six transitional housing cottages. Open House Two four plexes used for emergency shelter and transitional housing. Responsible for managing tenant maintenance of two thrift stores. Complete monthly and quarterly facility assessments for each owned structure. Supervise and evaluate full-time Maintenance Technician including assigning work, ensuring work completion, and determining when outside vendors are needed to complete repairs. Manage relationships for facility vendors including telephone system, IT systems, alarm company, pest control, security cameras, copier machines, etc. Serves as point of contact for all facility repairs, renovations, etc. and responsible for scheduling vendors and communicating to affected employees when vendors will be onsite. Oversee routine cleaning of facilities in accordance with contracted janitorial company and schedule vendors for regular intensive cleaning as needed. Point of contact for after hours response for alarm calls and emergency repairs. Attends meetings of agency Facilities & Infrastructure Committee as needed. IT Management Serves as point of contact with Managed IT company through duration of contract and subsequent scheduling for server and network problems. Responsible for working with vendors to maintain connectivity and functionality of internet and telephone services. Responds to internal tickets related to phone and IT issues and delegates responsibility as appropriate. Supervises IT Specialist and ensures employee IT needs are resolved completely and quickly. Equipment Management Responsible for maintaining a current and accurate inventory of all agency owned and leased equipment and ensuring equipment is assigned to appropriate employees. Responsible for maintaining inventory of keys and key fobs issued to employees and ensuring return of all keys and fobs during employee position changes and end of employment. Responsible for ensuring equipment is ready for new employee onboarding, issuing of equipment, and setting up of all required accounts and permissions. Responsible for working with Human Resources and IT staff to collect equipment when employee changes positions, resigns or is terminated, arranging transfer of any documents, messages, etc. remaining on equipment, and securely storing equipment until it is reissued. Responsible for managing lease agreements, initiating review of leased equipment prior to contract end and recommending if lease should be renewed. ADAJobCharacteristics: Workenvironmentisprimarilyinanofficeor residential program settings..Localtravel(driving)requireddaily to respond to sites. Mustbeabletoliftandcarry25 lbs.,extendbotharmsabovetheheadand/orreachbelowthewaist,stoop,squat,crawl,bendthebacktoretrieveitems,climbstairs,oruseanelevator.Mustbeabletositfrequentlyand/orstandwhencompleting assessments, repairs, etc. andusefinemanipulation(handsandwrist)tooperateakeyboard,takenotes,utilizedeskcalculator,fileandcopydocuments.Needcorrectedvisiontonormalrangefrequentlyforreadingcomputermonitorandhardcopydocuments.Speakinnormalvocaltoneandrange,andcommunicateclearlyandconciselytoothers.Applyaboveaveragereasoninganddetailasrequiredintheaccomplishmentofjobduties.

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