IT Quality Assurance Analyst - Gainesville Florida, Gainesville Florida


The Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst works collaboratively within the IT department and business units to execute and validate test cases based upon system requirements and is primarily responsible for the testing phase of the software development process to ensure that the final product meets company standards. The QA Analyst supports the planning, design, and execution of system testing by ensuring every phase and feature of a software solution is tested and that any potential issue is identified and fixed before the product goes into production. Duties include identifying whether products are functional, reliable, and meet the end user’s expectations, developing test plans, test cases, and test scripts for projects among other assigned duties.


  • Review user requirements documents to ensure that requirements are testable
  • Design and implement testing plans for software products
  • Develop test plans, test cases, test scripts, and test reports
  • Ensure that the final product satisfies product requirements and meets end-user expectations
  • Communicate quantitative and qualitative findings from test results
  • Monitor efforts to resolve product issues and track progress
  • Spot areas for improvement to enhance product efficiency
  • Process product reviews and inform the development team of defects and errors
  • Identify procedures and scenarios for the quality control of software products and services

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