Customer Success Manager

InsCipher, Pleasant Grove Utah

As the Customer Success Manager, you’re our clients’ BFF. You train them, onboard them, and support them. After a prospect becomes a client, well that’s your time to shine. You saddle up, take the reins from Sales, and you’re off the races, showing new and existing clients how easy InsCipher makes running their business compared to their old-school ways. With customer success as our #1 goal, your hard work is meaningful, recognized, and rewarded and clients are always happy to hear from you.

About Inscipher

If you’re like us and want the benefits and stability of an established company but the autonomy and innovation of a SaaS start-up, this is it.  As a subsidiary of Veracity Insurance Solutions, InsCipher simultaneously provides great benefits and resources while operating and innovating independently. 

So what do we do? Well, first let’s face it: the world of insurance is boring and old school. Well, it was anyway. InsCipher’s innovative, one-of-a-kind software and services change that by bringing clients into the 21st century, helping them easily automate their processing, filing, and compliance. Wanna know more? You can check out this video for an overview of InsCipher. And if you’re confused about the world of insurance, don’t stress. So were we. Trust us, it’ll all make sense when you get here.

A Day in the Life of the Customer Success Manager

As part Implementation Specialist part Customer Success Manager, your role is absolutely vital. And while there may not be a “typical” day in your role, most days will consist of on-boarding and training new clients and  ensuring existing clients are getting what they pay for. Daily tasks will be a mix of coordinating client hand-offs with Sales, introductions and training's with new clients, and conversations with existing clients to ensure they’re using all of InsCipher’s features and services to make their own jobs easier. 

We’ll also rely on you to improve our customer retention practices. Ultimately, we want to grow this team to multiple people so anything you can do to build not just best practice but repeatable processes benefits us and our customers in the end. 

Some common activities for you would include:

  • Updating and creating customer help guides and implementation guides

  • Creating tutorial videos (screen-share) to showcase functionality

  • Proposing UX and UI enhancements to make our system more intuitive.

  • Improving our technical documents

  • Building our help desk processes and a better ticketing system.

  • Improving how we collect and import client data for account setup.

  • Creating internal SOPs and training videos to improve configuration and simplify the on-boarding process.

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