Quality Calibration Technician

PEAK Technical Staffing USA, Arleta California

The Calibration Technician works to Comany policies and procedures found in the Employee Manual and in the company Quality Management System. The position requires considerable independent judgment and initiative. The Calibration Technician calibrates inspection instruments & equipment and/or processes for outside calibration, manages the company calibration system, tests and inspects products at various stages of production process and compiles and evaluates inspection data to determine and maintain quality and reliability of products. The Calibration Technician may be required to create and perform AS9102 First Article Inspection data, perform complex mechanical inspection using optical comparators, surface plate and/or coordinate measuring machine. Identify and act upon areas of needed improvement. Assist with all other quality functions by teaming with other employees. 
Daily Job Functions to Achieve Goals: 
Primary Daily Job Functions 
1. Oversee and maintain all daily Calibration Lab activities including issuing and restoring inspection gauging & tooling.
2. Perform all designated calibration needed to ensure compliance with Company QA manual and appropriate Procedures & Work Instructions. 3. Maintain all calibration records to adequately support all company and employee owned inspection tools in accordance with the appropriate procedures.
4. Maintain positive recall system.
5. Assure that all company calibrated equipment is properly maintained and protected.
6. Records all direct and indirect labor performed using the ERP system and traveler to work on jobs and indirect codes for other QC related duties. 

Secondary Daily Job Functions 
1. Performs inspections at specified stages in production process such as receiving, final and inprocess, and inspects products for variety of qualities, such as dimensions, performance, and mechanical characteristics.
2. Records inspection and test data and information on router, receiving or final inspection log as necessary and maintains final Certification package files such that traceability is maintained in accordance with approved procedures.
3. Interprets engineering drawings, schematic diagrams, or formulas and confers with management staff when a discrepancy or question arises.
4. Use the company ERP System, Microsoft Excel, Outlook & Messenger and “ Discus” & “ NetInspect” required in daily activities.
5. Maintains various electronic logs and scan documents for traceability. 

Monthly Job Functions to Achieve Goals: 
1. Performs internal auditing to support the intentions of the quality management system. 
Perform As Necessary: 
1. Prepare calibration requisitions for any equipment that needs outside laboratory calibration.
2. Prepare purchase requisitions for the Quality Department.
3. Arrange for calibrated equipment maintenance and calibration from outside sources.
4. Troubleshoot calibration problems and solve discrepancies. Minor hand tool adjustments may be required.
5. Assist in training of employees with respect to gage usage, setup, requisition, and calibration requirements.
6. Perform internal audits of the calibration department to confirm the intents of the existing quality system.
7. Assist in the Calibration and Measurement Testing portions of our Customer Quality Audits with the designated customer representatives. 8. Assist with Inspection & Certifications as needed.
9. Assist with Spares Inspection & certification.
10. Assist with New Manufacturing Certifications.
11. Create and populate AS9102 First Article Inspection documents/forms.
12. Support a 48hr monthly average cycle time through all Inspection Work Centers.
13. Perform Planning Review to ensure proper inspection equipment is available for use during manufacturing.
14. Assist in identification, shipping and Met Lab as necessary.
15. Assist and/or train co-workers in areas of Inspection.
16. Will be required to document and perform production quantity changes as needed.
17. Performs Purchase Order Review to inspect for correct specification revision levels and any other pertinent quality requirements. Vendor Certification and document review.
18. Support and assist with customer source inspection activities.
19. Set up and perform destructive and nondestructive tests and/or inspection on materials, parts, or products to measure conformity to requirement, performance, life, or material characteristics.
20. May be required to perform metallographic sample preparation and inspection.
21. May be required to operate company forklift.
22. Perform any other duties as designated by the QA Manager. 

• Tool Calibration experience for the aerospace industry is a must.
• Must have experience using Calibrated tool tracking software.
• Must be proficient in adjusting basic hand tools (e.g. micrometers, calipers etc.)
• Must be thoroughly familiar with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.)
• Must be proficient with blueprint reading and GD&T practices.
• Minimum of 2 years of trade school, vocational education, inspection tool Calibration,  and/or apprenticeship in the aerospace industry.
• Must be thoroughly competent in creating and populating AS9102 First Article Inspection forms.
• Must be familiar with team building and team concepts.
• Must be flexible and capable of working in a very fast paced, fluid environment.
• Proficient in all types of inspection equipment including but not limited to: Micrometers, Calipers, Surface Plate, Height Gages, Sine Plate, Concentricity Gages, Thread Gages, Single Element thread gages, depth micrometers, Optical Comparator, and many other tools. 

• Prior Forklift certification desired.
• Experience operating Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and associated software as applicable.
• Bilingual desired (English & Spanish)
• Familiar with “ Discus” software desired
• Familiar with “ Net-Inspect” software desired
• Familiar with “ Lean” Principals a plus
• Familiar with “ SPC” and “ Six Sigma” a plus
• Familiar with AS9100 Quality Management System requirements 
Licenses: (Preferred) American Society of Quality Certified Calibration Technician (CCT) 

This is an ITAR compliant company!  Must be a U.S. Citizen or a Permanent Resident (Green card holder) 

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