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Physical Therapy Assistant 7/21/2017


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following: 1. Examines patients with impairments, functional limitations, and disability or other health-related conditions; examinations include, but are not limited to, the following: a. Aerobic capacity or endurance b. Anthropometric characteristics c. Arousal, mentation, and cognition d. Assistive, adaptive, supportive, and protective devices e. Community or work reintegration f. Environmental, home or work barriers g. Gait and balance h. Joint integrity and mobility k. Motor function i. Muscle performance j. Pain k. Posture l. Range of motion m. Self-care and home management n. Ventilation, respiration, and circulation 2. Alleviates impairments and functional limitations by implementing the plan of care outlined by the Physical Therapist and modifying therapeutic interventions within the scope of the treatment plan that include, but are not limited to, the following: a. Therapeutic exercise (including aerobic conditioning and weight training equipment) b. Functional training in self-care and home management (including activities of daily living) c. Functional training in community or work reintegration activities (including ADL's, work hardening, and work conditioning) d. Manual therapy techniques e. Fabrication, and application of assistive, adaptive, supportive, and protective devices and equipment, including bandages and dressings. f. Airway clearance techniques g. Wound care and debridement as specified by law. h. Physical agents and mechanical modalities (including paraffin baths) i. Electrotherapeutic modalities j. Patient-related instruction, family instruction k. Condition amputated limbs and instruct on wrapping these l. Application of traction m. Performance of intermittent venous compression n. Stage I cardiac rehabilitation o. Fitting of custom pressure garments p. Biofeedback and relaxation techniques q. Architectural barrier identification 3. Prevents injury, impairments, functional limitations, and disability, including the promotion and maintenance of fitness, health, and quality of life in all age populations. 4. Engages in consultation, education, and research. 5. Maintains a record on each patient including physician orders, diagnosis, treatment, progress, record of attendance and summary, in a timely manner. Keep accurate daily and monthly department records. Submit and verify patient charges for services rendered. 6. Consults with physician concerning goals and treatment plans with direction from the Physical Therapist. 7. Provides direct supervision of aides as specified by law. 8. Assists in transferring of patients; teaches patients and other staff proper transferring technique. 9. Adheres to standards of Ethical Conduct for Physical Therapist Assistant outlined by the APTA. 10. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times, discussing patient or hospital business only when appropriate and necessary to provide quality patient care. 11. Employs tact and courtesy at all times, with patients, physicians, visitors and co-workers. Continually strives to establish and maintain good rapport and working relationships to foster positive intra- and interdepartmental communications. 12. Observes all hospital and departmental policies and procedures; follows all hospital and departmental safety rules. 13. Participates in in-service training as requested by department director. OTHER DUTIES 1. Scheduling of patients. 2. Development of patient oriented educational materials. 3. Development, implementation of new or expanded PT services. 4. Community education, i.e. school system, new employee orientation 5. In-servicing of other staff members 6. Maintenance of equipment and cleaning 7. Ordering of PT treatment supplies when PT Aide is unavailable 8. Quality Assurance studies participation 9. Performs other duties as assigned. 10. Actively participates in the HRRMC Organizational Strategic plan.

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