SLEP LCAC Craft Master

Gryphon Technologies, Glen Burnie Maryland

OverviewCandidate must be a retired LCAC Craft master from ACU-4/ACU-5/NBU7 with at least 500 hours of operations experience as a SLEP LCAC Craft Master. SLEP operational experience is a must. Desire that the candidate retired no more than 3 years ago but will consider candidates that have been out of the craftmaster position for a maximum of 5 years. Proficiency is a major consideration. A rotation in the ACU training department or at the navy schoolhouse training new craftmasters is a plus. The successful candidate will spend 12 to 18 months in South Korea operating the new RoKN LSF-II ACV as well as training RoKN candidate craft masters. Approximately one third of the time will be spent at the OEM shipyard in Busan. The remainder of the time will be spent near the RoKn Navy Base at Chinhae S. Korea. A car and Accomodations will be provided as part of the compensatoion package. Potential exists for the assignment to extend up to 3 years. The language for all work performed will be American EnglishResponsibilitiesCandidate will:* Operate the new RoKN LSF-II ACV during system light-off and sub-systems comissioning* Support overwater trials at the OEM Shipyard through RoKN acceptance Testing* Train new RoKN craftmaster candidates through to craftmaster qualificationQualificat

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