Delivery and Assembly Contractor (Outdoor)

Go Configure, Brick New Jersey

Go Configure is a national delivery and assembly service provider of outdoor recreational and leisure equipment. We are seeking partnerships with professional, reliable, and customer service-minded independent contractors.Our independent contractors pick-up, deliver, and build playsets, pergolas, and gazebos for big-box retailers like Sams Club, Wal-Mart, and The Home Depot.Our OpportunityWe build strong relationships with big-name retailers and manufacturers to secure work for you. We will manage the business relationships, so you can do what you do best. Build.Using our scheduling system, you can make your own scheduled and manage your time to your individual needs. Keep your workload light to supplement other pay, or grow your business and make this a primary source of income.In addition to outdoor products, Go Configure has very strong relationships with home fitness equipment providers. You can work year-round or seasonally with Go Configure.Our partnerships also offer you group insurance rates and multiple discount programs.Requirements* Our contractors must have an adequately insured vehicle capable of transporting large items such as fitness equipment* A trailer or truck may be required for playset, pergola, and gazebo delivery* Must own hand and power tools and have the experience and mechanical aptitude to build outdoor recreation and home fitness equipment* Previous experience with similar products is preferred, but not required* You must be committed to providing exceptional customer service* Some jobs require two people, so youll need a reliable helperKeywords1099, independent contractor, treadmill, elliptical, Bowflex, home gym, furniture, table, bed, book, shelf, build, assemble, assembly, grill, deliver, delivery, equipment, construction pergola, playset, gazebo, shed, fence, bike, install, installer, installation, playset, shed

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