Clinical Pharmacist (CO License REQUIRED)

Shields Health Solutions, Denver Colorado

Business Overview:As the first and largest specialty pharmacy integrator and accelerator, Shields Health Solutions is the industry leader in providing innovative and comprehensive care for the nation's chronically ill patient population. Shields builds and manages hospital-owned specialty pharmacies for hospitals and health systems who want to offer coordinated care services for patients with chronic illnesses. Using an integrated approach to patient care through our purpose built software platform, TelemetryRx, our Patient Liaison model, and our back-end clinical support team, Shields is redefining what it means to provide superior, fully-integrated patient care from clinic to pharmacy to patient's homes. Our innovative model and proven results in such a unique industry have led us to be one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the nation with an immense impact on patients' lives.Job Purpose:Provide integrated support to patients and physicians by providing a "hands-on" approach to improve the quality of patient care. This is accomplished by developing personalized relationships with patients and prescribers to improve medication adherence and promote evidence based care.Job Duties:* Reviewing and interpreting clinician's patient care note/assessments for supportive clinical data needed for prior authorization approvals and development of care plan recommendations.* Develop and refine disease and drug specific clinical protocol to maximize patient adherence and promote evidence-based cost-effective care.* Monitor on-going patient adherence (PDC reports, patient assessment data, and mobile platform data) across all sites and disease categories with focus on oncology and other specialty specific disease states.* Evaluation of EMR to review: drug and disease interaction, medication selection, labs/vitals, allergies, RX orders/renewals and direct MD communication, and other relevant information important to maximize medication adherence and optimize patient outcomes.* Recommending alternative therapeutic drug regimens and disease specific treatments according to guidelines as appropriate.* Monitor and evaluate therapies for side effects or other medication related issues, recommend drug therapy changes to prescribers as appropriate.* Medication therapy management (MTM): including reviewing and monitoring of medication regimens, advising clinicians on evidence based therapy as indicated, documenting interventions; assessing patient adherence rates.* Clinical interventions including but are not limited to comprehensive pharmacist consultation, motivational interviewing/coaching, drug regimen optimization, medication reconciliation, medication lists or reminders, medication synchronization, coordinate home nurse visits, transitions between liaison/PSC, use of mobile app or other technologies.* Productivity monitoring and reporting weekly stats for growth development* Overseeing tech's daily activities and verification for accuracy on: delivery coordination slips, prior authorizations submitted, ongoing PA log activity and proactive management care utilization within each specialty as per protocol.* Identifying and resolving insurance related issues, recognizing situations where financial assistance can be applied.* Supervising communication of support personnel compliant with HIPPA rules and regulations;* Maintaining current registration and all remote pharmacist activity to comply with local, state and federal drug laws as regulated by each state board of pharmacy and the DEA.* Direct communication with other health professionals as necessary regarding patient care;* Develops own knowledge by participating in education programs; training pharmacy staff, students, interns, externs, and health care professionals;* Manage, organize, and update relevant data using database applications;* Apply observations and recommendations to operational issues, increased productivity, quality, and customer-service standards;* Assist with research projects and peer reviewing articles as needed.* Identify trends, resolves problems; recommend improvements; implements change;* Actively participates in process improvement initiatives;* Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential;* Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations;* Willing to do whatever is necessary for the betterment of the Company;* Other duties as assigned;Experience/ Education:Required Licensure/Certification: Applicant must hold a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) or equivalent advanced degree and be a licensed Pharmacist in the state of ColoradoYears of Experience: Preferred 1+ years' experience interacting with patients, clinicians as part of an interdisciplinary care teamSkills: Analyze information, exercise good judgment, possess strong verbal and written communication skills, have deep knowledge of specialty medication pharmacology, local/state/federal pharmacy regulations, able to manage processes, exhibit strong technical and clinical skills, excellent leader and manager of people, constant focus on legal compliance, highly productive, quality focused and attention to detail. Must be computer literate with proficiency and working knowledge of database and reporting tools such as: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.(*Knowledge using EPIC/QS1/WILLOW software a plus*) Must have the ability to identify barriers to medication adherence and implement and monitor plans to improve medication adherence. The ability to motivate and coach patients to help them achieve better outcomes and identify goals of therapy.Traits: Organized, high-integrity, attention to detail, dependable, quality focus, empathetic, good listener/communicatorOther: Energetic, highly motivated, team player with strong personal and communication skills; discretion and confidentiality essential as position deals with highly sensitive and private dataSpecialties: Knowledge of complex/chronic diseases states and therapies used within specialty pharmacy: Oncology, Transplant, Hepatitis C, Infectious Disease (including HIV), Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, GI disorders (including IBD), Cystic Fibrosis, Psoriasis, Hyperlipidemia and many various inflammatory conditions (including Lupus) preferred.

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