Eastern Niagara Healthcare System, Lockport New York

Eastern Niagara Hospital is currently seeking a Part time ICU Nursing AssistantPRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY:To assist professional staff by performing various patient care activities and related non-professional services necessary in caring for the personal needs and comfort of patients and perform certain heavy duties in the care of patients.JOB SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:1. Assists in the admission, transfer, and discharge of patients; helps dress and undress patients.2. Gives bed baths and/or assists patients with their personal hygiene including supervision in shower. Helps groom patients by washing and combing hair, cleaning nails, assisting with cleaning teeth, etc.3. Prepares patients for meals; may serve and collect patient's trays; feed or assists in feeding patients and provides fresh drinking water and nourishment when indicated. Can record intake.4. May distribute and empty bedpans and urinals, collects and measure urine collects fecal and sputum specimens, measures and empties Foleys and NG suction drainage bottles. Can record output.5. Drapes patients for examination and treatment, May take and record TPR and weight.6. Transports patients in wheelchairs, carts, and beds. Assists in moving patients to bed or chair and assists in walking. May use lift equipment after supervised instruction.7. Answers call lights, determine patient's needs. Refers patients and visitor inquiries in regard to patient care to nurse. Reports to nurse observations and symptoms indicative of patient's reaction to treatment and patient's complaints.8. May clean, bag if applicable, and return supplies and equipment to Central Supply. Passes clean linen, changes bed linens and makes beds, and collects and bags soiled linen. Tidies patient's rooms, cares for flowers and runs errands. Keeps utility and service room equipment clean and in order. Cares for patient in isolation. May terminally clean equipment, care for patient's personal property, and discard contaminated articles when isolation is discontinued.9. Assists with turning, positioning, exercising, or lifting heavy, helpless or otherwise incapacitated patients.10. Assists in restraining violent or disoriented patients. May apply restraints. Makes rounds on all patients to determine their needs and ascertain their safety, more frequently on restrained patients.11. May obtain and record vital information from patient after supervised instruction.12. Communicates with the patient primarily through listening and being attuned to the patients concerns. May engage patient in divisional therapy.13. Gives post mortuary care.14. Makes out repair slips for equipment when necessary and tags and removes any unsafe equipment from patient environment.15. Maintains a clean, safe, and orderly environment for the patients.16. Cleans and defrosts refrigerators.17. May order supplies, store and keeps supply areas in clean, orderly shape.18. Performs other duties as requested.EDUCATION:High School graduate preferred.EXPERIENCE:Prefer six (6) to twelve (12) months experience or completion of a recognized Certified Nursing Assistant training program.Shift: Part time; 3p-11pEOE

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