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Team Member - Assembly


Receives daily computer generated schedules. Daily verbal instruction and information provided by supervisor. Organize parts for boat in order to expedite work. Done by physically collecting together all parts on table and wheeling to work area. Self-monitored and reviewed by supervisor as needed. Prepare parts in order to facilitate installation. Done by unboxing/unwrapping, then attaching hardware (locks, brackets, hinges,…) using hand and power tools (drills, sanders, band saw…). Self-monitored and reviewed by supervisor as needed. Place prepped parts in boat in order to make available for installation. Done by physically lifting and placing into boat. Self-monitored and reviewed by supervisor as needed. Install carpet, canvas and headliner in order to build bathrooms in some boats. Done by spraying glue on back of material and placement area using air powered glue gun, then trimming away excess, manually using razor knife. Self-monitored and reviewed by supervisor as needed. Routing and securing wires in order to provide power to boat. Done by routing correct wire to designated area (stereo speaker, lights,…) securing with tie straps and screws, then connecting plugs together. Test electric wiring to ensure it is functioning correctly. Done by turning on power equipment (lights, stereo, pumps…) and observing for operation, then making corrections as needed. Self-monitored and reviewed by supervisor as needed. Install plumbing on some boats in order to operate sinks, toilets, and fresh water wash down. Done by cutting hoses to proper length with razor knife, connect to fittings with hose clamps, install fixtures securing with hardware and screws. Self-monitored and reviewed by supervisor as needed. Install all other parts (lids, canvas, doors, batteries, floor coverings, windshields, stereos…) of boat in order to complete interior. Done by measuring, locating correctly and securing using proper hardware and power tools. Maintain work area in a clean and orderly manner. Assist with housekeeping of department area (trash, sweeping, etc.). (Completion of other miscellaneous tasks as assigned by supervisor will be expected in order to address unexpected situations or needs that may arise.) Successful completion of major job tasks insures Cobalt produces a safe boat and prevents fiscal loss or injury. Much of work occurs in an assembly/construction environment, care is required to avoid risks normal to these surroundings. Proper use of power tools according to policy is necessary to prevent injuries. Safety equipment provided: Safety glasses.

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