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Team Member - Upholstery


1. Work Safe - No one deserves to be hurt or injured in the production of our World Class Boats. We don't compromise Safety. 2. Build Quality Boats - Cobalt is a World Class boat as has achieved that status because of Quality. We don't compromise Quality. 3. Show UP - We rely on you to build the best boats in the world on a schedule. When you don't show up like you are supposed to, someone else has to pick up your slack and that is not fair to the rest of your team. Be reliable, be dedicated, show up. 4. Work Hard - We expect solid effort from you while you are here and working. Put your cell phone away and go to work. We'll pay you 8 hours of pay for 7.5 hours of hard effort and pay you 30 minutes a day to play on your phone. But, unless it's break or lunch time, put your phone away. 5. Keep a great attitude - Nobody like to work with the 'work jerk.' Don't be that person that nobody wants to work with. Be encouraging, be supportive, show off your great attitude. It will take you far! 6. Be willing to learn - What we won't do is stick you in a classroom and bore you to sleep for days at a time. Instead, you learn on the job alongside seasoned craftspeople eager to share their knowledge and wisdom with you. Don't be a 'know it all' and never stop learning.

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