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BVHC LPN 7/25/2017


ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following: 1. Provides direct patient care to meet patients' needs. a. Exam rooms cleaned and stocked with necessary supplies at the end of each shift as observed by supervisor and peers. Exam tables and rooms are orderly, safe, cleaned between patient visits. b. Carries out treatments as ordered by provider according to HRRMC and HRRMC Medical Clinics procedure and policies; evaluates the effects of same, and documents or notifies appropriate personnel. c. Teaches patients and family knowledge and skills essential for coping with illness and for promotion of optimal health. d. Demonstrates knowledge of isolation procedures and practices aseptic techniques as observed by provider. Independently initiates isolation precautions when appropriate; seeks orders to discontinue when no longer necessary. e. Performs lab draws, administers immunizations, and assists with necessary procedures. 2. Administers medications in a timely and safe manner. a. Demonstrates knowledge of basic pharmacology as evidenced by verbalization/documentation of awareness of indications, contraindications, patient's response to therapy, side effects, allergies, or complications; documents appropriately. b. Responds in a timely fashion to any drug reaction by taking appropriate action and reporting the reaction to the provider or other appropriate personnel. c. Questions and/or investigates questionable medication orders or dosages, prior to administration, by checking the PDR, calling provider, pharmacist, or clinical resource. d. Administers medications appropriately and understands effects of PO, IM, SQ, or rectal administration; documents appropriately per Clinic policy. e. Delivers medications to assigned patient within the time prescribed by policy and within scope of practice. 3. Collects and documents data regarding personalized care given each patient. a. Completes nursing admission history, interviews patient and significant others to complete health history. b. Documents covert and overt signs and symptoms that indicate risk situations. Communicates findings to provider. c. Documents physical assessment findings; questions patients regarding physical symptoms and documents responses. d. Documents information from family, other nurses, providers and other health team members in the written assessment. 4. Demonstrates accountability and accepts responsibility for having a constant awareness of assigned patient's overall condition. a. Follows provider's orders for lab/radiology/follow up and referrals. b. Follows Health Center's guidelines for patient follow up to testing and treatment. 5. Promotes positive interpersonal relationships and demonstrates effective communication skills to solve problems, to carry out the HRRMC Clinic policies and procedures and to coordinate patient care. a. Maintains effective communication with personnel and medical staff through regular conferences and meetings. b. Applies information learned during informative learning sessions and effectively teaches other pertinent information. c. Accepts work assignments as delegated by supervisor and provider within scope of practice. d. Actively contributes to a pleasant work environment. Maintains composure under stress and utilizes appropriate resources to cope with stressful situations. e. Attends and actively participates in staff meetings by identifying concerns or problems. f. Demonstrates patience and tact when dealing with patients, families, providers, and other healthcare team members. Communicates and interacts with patient's family in a way that is perceived by the family as positive and supportive. Takes steps to decrease stress and/or increase effectiveness of coping mechanism of patients and families having difficulty dealing with illness. 6. Promotes own professional growth and demonstrates professional conduct in regards to HRRMC and professional relationships and the practice of nursing. a. Utilizes allotted continuing education hours, documents in-service records; presents in-services to peers after attending out of house seminars paid for by HRRMC b. Demonstrates knowledge and responsibility for the implementation and adherence to policies and procedures as observed by supervisor. c. Assesses own limitations and learning needs and seeks educational and learning experiences in areas of identified growth needs. Develops short and long term goals and initiates a plan for completion. d. Demonstrates flexibility in working hours and schedules in order to meet the needs of the clinic e. Participates in orientation and supervision of staff, students, and PRN employees. Identifies and documents as requested the new employee's strengths and weaknesses for communication to the supervisor. f. Remains current with industry change and information. Maintains certification in designated skills as defined by Colorado law. g. Demonstrates knowledge of and adheres to safety rules, policies and procedures of HRRMC. 7. Promotes good relationships with all HRRMC departments in order to achieve optimal working conditions. Demonstrates flexibility and willingly accepts responsibility, notifying supervisor when additional work can be assumed. 8. Receives, evaluates, and discusses suggestions and constructive criticism in a professional manner. 9. Reviews, signs and completes provider's orders that are within the LPN scope of practice. 10. Communicates verbally, and documents in the medical record, changes in the patient's condition to the provider, or nursing staff. 11. Directly provides patient care as delegated by the Provider. 12. Promotes the efficient use of all HRRMC resources. 13. Maintains patient confidentiality at all times, discussing patient, HRRMC or business only when appropriate and necessary to provide quality patient care. 14. Employs tact and courtesy at all times, with patients, providers, visitors and co-workers. Continually strives to establish and maintain good rapport and working relationships to foster positive intra- and interdepartmental communications.

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