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Staff Power Management IC Design Engineer

San Jose, CaliforniaPEAK Technical Staffing USA

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In this role, you will be responsible for design and release to market of High Performance Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs), Controller ICs, Monolithic High Voltage ICs and LED driver ICs for a variety of target applications for Tier 1 customers in the Industrial, Infrastructure and Automotive markets.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Architecting the power system topology.
  • Behavioral level modeling using Simplis and/or Cadence.
  • Block level design of new, high performance Analog, Mixed Signal circuits as required by the application.
  • Top level functional verification at transistor level to meet data sheet specs and functional verification in the actual application.
  • Collaborate with teams to:
  • Ensure design of high quality layouts.
  • Implement digital interfaces such as I2C and PMBUS.
  • Develop ESD plan and Tapeout.
  • Come up with test methodology and product characterization plan.
  • Bench evaluation of the ICs including die probing, debug, root cause analysis and failure analysis.
  • Release to market for mass production with high yield.

Required Skills:

  • Strong understanding of linear and switching regulator topologies such as LDOs, Buck, Boost and Inverting.
  • Strong understanding of control architectures such as Peak Current Mode, Valley Current Mode, Voltage Mode, Hysteretic, etc.
  • Strong foundation of key analog building blocks such as bandgap circuit, error amplifiers, comparators, current mirrors etc. and the various error sources that affect them.
  • Methods to reduce the effect of such errors by design and layout to meet specs.
  • Full understanding of application level conditions and building test benches to cover those conditions.
  • A strong understanding of CMOS and BCD Technologies and basic device physics.
  • Direct experience in the design and mass production release of high performance power management ICs.
  • Strong analog design skills in the power management area.
  • Experience with I2C, PMBUS interfaces.
  • Cadence IC6 for design, layout and Layout Parasitic Extraction (LPE) simulations.
  • PMIC, Constant On Time (COT), High and Low Voltage Buck, Boost, LDO.
  • Knowledge of Simplis and Simmetrix is a plus.
  • LED lighting IC experience is a plus.
  • Master’s Degree with 5 years of experience.

Chat with a recruiter about this opportunity! -