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Lab Technician

Mundelein, IllinoisPEAK Technical Staffing USA

Chat with a recruiter about this opportunity! -

Chat with a recruiter about this opportunity! -

This position would be ideal for individuals interested in a career in lab testing or materials evaluation.The Technician will develop a fundamental understanding of the material properties of corrugated packaging materials.They will also be exposed to materials and package testing, as well as package engineering and design tools used to optimize corrugated packaging to meet customer needs.

In this position, you will support a materials and package testing and optimization team, providing information to address customer support requests, develop fundamental product knowledge, improve product performance, and increase customer satisfaction.  

You will focus on learning and training for specific materials evaluation methods. You will be expected to:

  1. Learn proficient use of testing equipment for materials evaluation, focusing on combined board evaluations and compression testing. 
  2. Use good lab practices to maintain the accuracy and functionality of lab equipment and data collection systems.
  3. Generate results that can be relied upon as a solid foundation for decisions with significant financial impact.
  4. Provide accurate, clear, and effective analysis, evaluation, and communication of testing results to internal and external customers.

Once training is completed, the focus will switch to a research project pushing the boundary of industry knowledge, directly apply all techniques learned in training. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • You will have primary responsibility for executing all phases of this research, working collaboratively with lab management. 
  • You may also be called upon to support specific customer projects. 
  • Producing high quality, accurate test data requires a systematic, regimented approach to materials evaluation, hard work, and attention to detail. 

Position Requirements:

  • The Contract Technician should have a degree in Packaging, Physics, or Chemistry; prior experience in or exposure to the paper and packaging field is an advantage, but not required. 
  • This position requires good verbal and written communication skills. 
  • The Contractor must be self-motivated, proactive, and able to advance multiple projects in parallel.  
  • An ability to stay focused on repetitive tasks, moving them forward at a rapid pace while assuring accurate data generation, is a must. 
  • You must be self-motivated and proactive, with good interpersonal skills.

Chat with a recruiter about this opportunity! -


Chat with a recruiter about this opportunity! -