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BSA Analyst

Bronx, New YorkACG Resources

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BSA Analyst

(Expanding bank located in Bronx, NY)

Responsible for the production of all Compliance and Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering (AML/BSA) monitoring reports. These reports include CTRs, Monetary Instruments, Wire Logs, High Risk Account Schedules, and reviewing New Account Data.

Review CTR suspect transactions
 Validates data
 Research Conductor for each transaction
 Prepare CTRs for BSA Officer to review
 Transmits, Imports CTRs to Fincen via BSAE-Filing
 Accept acknowledgments for previous CTRs filed
 Review previous CTRs for any corrections/amendments that may need to be done.

Create/Sort Wire Transfer Report- Imports wire transfer files daily for inclusion in Wire Logs. Review wire log for any fields missing data.
 Create/ Sort Monetary Instruments Report - validates money order transactions to confirm cash in amounts and CIP details of purchaser
 Create/Sort Currency Transaction Report-Cash Transactions sorted by customer name and account for review of transactions
that can be seen as possible structuring or misuse of account
 Create/ Sort High Risk Schedules -Account Transactions are sorted and a summary sheet is created for all transactions on a monthly basis or as requested by the BSA Officer. High Risk Schedules are used as part of the High Risk Review to better
understand the activity going through an account during a period of time.

Assist with reviewing/research and clearing of alerts of low-risk activity that do not require additional review by BSA Officer
 Assist BSA officer with further research on Alert assigned to be investigated. This includes but is not limited to:-review of account history; printing account statements; printing check images and pulling copy of original wire transfer for verification

Watch list Alerts: Monitor/Review Watch-List Alerts for possible hits. Notifies BSA Officer or Compliance officer of any OFAC false/positives for further review. Retains copies of all FALSE/POSTIVE reports reviewed and signed by the BSA
Officer or Compliance Officer

Responsible for keeping track of certain compliance items that are reported to the Board on a monthly basis
 Number of OFAC false/positives and/or hits
 Number of CTRs filed
 Number of SARs filed

Job Requirements:
 Functional capabilities with FRCM/AML Manager &; Bankers Toolbox systems and reports a plus.
 A minimum of High School diploma or equivalent.
A minimum of two (2) years bank experience as a Customer Service Representative, Teller and/or Compliance Clerk.
 Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
 Sound administrative skills. Well organized


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