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Adecco Staffing

The Packaging Team Member, Mountain View and San Jose, CA $20hr (12-24 month Contract) will be measuring items in store; example clothing. It's a very manuel task. They are expected to work at a fast-pace. Must be able to move quickly, standing on feet most of day, similar to typical retail work. Lots of measuring in role, ex. measure width of online dimensions, G10, similar to SKU. 


Special Collects is a program created to explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and

step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants and small businesses with 360-degree


The Marketing Coordinator (MC) will be researching and finding the direct point of

contact for selected businesses. San Jose, CA $ 19hr (2 month contract)

• Once the direct point of contact is identified, the MC will engage the client on the service

being provided with the goal of having the client agree. Essentially, promoting and

selling the service to the client.

• The MC will also need to obtain all necessary approvals/signatures from the client for the

photoshoot and schedule the appointment with both the clients and the photographers.

• Conduct follow-up surveys to ensure overall client satisfaction with the product.

• Will be held accountable for high production numbers and maintaining a high level of

productivity and efficiency.

Operations Lead $24hr 12 month Contract

Duties:● Directly manage small team of drivers.● Create and deliver daily work packets to local drivers.● Train new drivers on project equipment● Troubleshoot vehicle and Operational Issues and escalate system wide issues when necessary● Monitor daily production and quality, collect and analyze data in order to recognize trends and potential problem areas.● Create and schedule preventative maintenance for cars.● Plan and Execute all driver training and new operational launches.● Track drivers' billable hours and other direct project costs.● Interface with engineering teams to continually improve overall operations process.● Execute operations for migration to new geographical areas.● Create, drive, and execute on side projects that enhance the overall data collection efforts Requirements:● Must be highly professional and adhere to the highest ethical standards; ability to interact professionally with all levels of people● Extremely time organized● Strong customer service skills and highly organized● Ability to communicate effectively both oral and written● Ability to work as a team member● Basic computer skills (Google Docs and Microsoft Office)● Bachelors Degree or relevant work experience● Strong interest in learning new software tools● Have logistics and geographical proficiencies 

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