Entry Level Admin Clerk

Adecco Staffing

Educational Testing Services is a nationwide company that organizes the grading of Advanced Placement tests each summer. Hundreds of professors come to Salt Lake Palace, UT to grade tests. You help professors accomplish a nationwide goal so students can have a better future! Besides, we also want to offer you a $25 REFERRAL BONUS if you and your friend work the entire project. Cha-Ching! The bonus is unlimited. Oh, did I forget to mention FREE LUNCH & SNACKS on US. That’s right, we pick up the tab!.Interested in easy summer cash?  


We are looking for educators, college students and high school graduates to help organize and support the project by assisting Professors / Teachers with the AP Exam for one week. Invite your friends, family, or cousins twice removed. We have over 600 positions to fill and with your assistance we can make it another successful year and keep the AP reading in Tampa, FL.  


Pay: $10hr including Overtime

Work Days: June 3rd - June 9th including weekends (Gotta work the entire week)

Work Hours: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Required Skills:

  • Gotta know your ABC’s and 123’s filing system with strong attention to detail because that’s your middle name. 
  • Ability to move from one task to another easily
  • You don’t have to be a scholar but, you need to speak, write and read English 

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Wear your pedometer because you’ll be walking and standing for long periods

· You’re like Fort Knox and can maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the examination candidates by   

  o Verifying accuracy, legibility and completeness of scan sheets

· Like to exercise perfection. Here’s your chance to maintain accurate production records by    

  o Counting and tallying examinations to totals are provided to the supervisor at specific times. 

· You have terrific time management and can perform tasks for smooth flow and efficiency   

  o Like overtime...cha-ching. Earn extra $$$ with overtime and enter your time daily so you get paid on time.    

  o Keep assigned area neat because we like safety.   

  o Like team work? So do we. You’re a Go-Getter by helping others if your work is done.     

  o Remember passing out test in school. Here’s your chance to do it again. You’ll be distributing, collecting scan sheets from each reading room and delivering it to the Scanning Assistant, or collecting materials and other items and/or attendance info...just like a school flashback.    

  o Like clerical jobs? You’ll be supporting requests for clerical assistance, such as photocopying or faxing, turning on all PCs at the beginning of the scoring day and conduct other checks as assigned    

  o Do you prefer stocking? You’ll replenish Graders with sharpened pencils, erasers, etc as needed and keep Chief Assistant informed ahead of time of any possible shortages 

  o How about Messenger Carrier. You’ll relay messages and research requests, working very closely with the ETS Chief Assistant and make sure any changes from the ETS Coordinators are communicated to assigned groups.


Why Adecco?

· Refer a friend while you work at get a $25 Referral Bonus. You and your friend would need to complete the entire project. 

· Paid Training· Free Delicious Lunch and Snack on Us. 

· Great networking opportunities. 

· Great Benefits Package - Adecco provides one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the industry for contract workers.



· You threw your cap in the air and have a High School Diploma or GED

· You blew out your birthday candles and are 18 years old or above.