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Shop Inside Sale & Inventory Mgmt

Missoula, MontanaLC Staffing

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SHOP Inside Sale and Inventory Mgmt

Responsibilities: Inside Sales of all products glass and glass related. Also Organizing and Managing shop materials, Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory all Residential Products along with assisting on customer service


                Daily Management of Shop

  • Helping with Inside Office Sales and having complete product knowledge
  • Inventory control – keeping track, organizing, and receiving all residential materials
  • Knowledge of shop’s work flow
  • Machinery maintenance         
  • Shipping and regulating customer deliveries


Safety and Quality Control Program

  • Re-establish a regular safety program for all employee (ie monthly safety meetings)
  • Establish a quality control program with existing Insulated Glass Manufacturing, Shop Work and Screen Fabrication.  Future QC Program in installation of both residential and commercial products.


Inner company Communications:

  • Working with Residential Manager on dealing with trucks or use of employees
  • Working with Accounts Rec./Pay. on checking supplier invoices for accuracy and billing customers monthly
  • Communicating with installers on where materials are located


Timeliness and Absentees

  • Expected to report to work daily at 8am and work until 4:30pm
  • Expected to call with any problems with regard to tardiness or absentness (Exceptions are Family Emergencies, or other uncontrollable problems)
  • Vacations and Benefits will be allowed if full-time status is recognized


Reporting: (bi-week or monthly as needed)

  • Progress Report: shows efficiency of employees, timeliness of jobs, and overall department productivity.
  • Truck maintenance log (monthly update)
  • Inventory tracking log (bi-weekly update)


*This position is considered “non-exempt” and overtime shall be paid.  However, this position may also be laid-off during slow times*



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