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Javascript Developer

RemoteTech Talent Link, Inc


Our service is made up of several elements. The core development language is Javascript, specifically ES 2015 (6th version).

The main components are a client-based single-page app (SPA) that is based on the dynamic templating framework, Ractive.js, and a server component running on node.js.

It heavily utilizes the features of the Firebase cloud data store, including data services, authentication and hosting, via its Web/JS API. The node.js server component is on a standard Heroku instance.

Ractive.js is a library for building reactive interfaces in a declarative way that is very flexible. It is very closely tied to the DOM, and uses handlebar templating as a significant part of its design. It is lighter weight then React, and supports a two-way data binding that React avoids.

Both core products utilize npm based library inclusion and a build tool similar to Gulp called Gobble. The main target is modern webkit browsers, and debug work is done in Chrome Dev Tools.

Someone who wants to work on the code should be familiar with modern JS practices, including source control, npm packages, modern build tools, and remote deployment. They should also have a strong command of modern Javascript including Promise library use and Ajax style asynchronous code, template based declarative UI frameworks with the ability to quickly come up to speed with Ractive, NoSQL style database concepts and the basics of single-page architecture. Familiarity with Firebase in the web environment would be a big plus.