Sales Associate (ENTRY LEVEL)

Southern Pillar, Lafayette Louisiana


Southern Pillar, Inc in Lafayette provides a fast-paced, upbeat, result driven atmosphere.  Southern Pillar, Inc is currently searching for experienced candidates who want to quickly advance their long-term careers.  We will be filling a customer service, marketing and sales positions starting from entry level. ANY experience level in a customer service field is sure to thrive with us. On site, daily training will be provided to every qualified candidate for this position.

Traits of Top Performers:

  • Integrity
  • Student Mentality
  • Competitive Natured
  • Professionalism
  • Supreme Work Ethic
  • Encouraging Attitude


  • Upbeat personality and exceptional people skills
  • Professional image
  • Exceptional communication skills 
  • Self-starter mentality
  • Problem-solving tactics
  • Career driven and wanting quick advancement

Southern Pillar, Inc’s marketing and sales team leads our client’s marketing industry and is the top performer in adapting to their needs with our customer service skills. 


Southern Pillar, Inc in Lafayette promotes our client’s brand with innovative strategies driven from customer service. We maintain exclusive contracts to be able to devote all of our attention on our client’s needs and in return we are able to provide the desired outcomes for our client’s to succeed.  Our new and modern marketing tactics redefine the industry and build a strong company multiplying talent.

*Entry-level candidates are encouraged to apply

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