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TC22 - Laboratory Technician RBNAJP00013706

Montvale NJ

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Stability Lab Technician- Montvale, NJ

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Pay: Up to $28.00 /hour

Duration: 3 months with a possibility for an extension

Hours: 35 hrs per week

•Responsible for the production of lab samples and product testing (performance, stability, analytical, etc.). 
•Perform chemical and physical analyses on raw materials, prototypes and finished products. 
•Interpret test results and investigations. 
•Collect data needed for product registration with federal, state and other regulatory agencies. 
•Perform other assignments delegated by immediate supervisor. 
•Perform routine standardization and maintenance of lab equipment. 

1) Lab management 
a. Equipment calibration 
b. DI water verification 
c. Ordering of chemicals/supplies 
d. Maintaining safety standards (PEL lists, eye wash inspections) 
e. Updating chemical inventory, sourcing SDSs, regularly disposing of expired chemicals 
f. Managing lab waste with Jeff’s guidance 
g. Ensuring a safe work environment 

2) Conducting tab inspections 
3) Assisting Olti/Farid with demo development & claims support 
4) Conducting R&D testing required for consumer complaints 
5) Working with Packaging to inspect/qualify new packaging 
6) Supporting product development with raw material assessments (attrition testing) 
7) Setting up stability testing (filling jugs, sealing doybags, etc.) and placing into appropriate chambers 

8) Carrying out tests on tabs, powder, booster, rinse-aid 
a. Tabs: weight, hardness, friability, solubility, active oxygen, pH, P & M values 
b. Powder: total/free moisture, sieve analysis, bulk density, active oxygen, pH, P & M values 
c. Booster: sieve analysis, bulk density, flowability, weight loss 
d. Rinse-aid: pH, cloud point, refractive index 

9) Maintaining instruments used for stability testing 
a. Preparing 10% KI solutions for active oxygen testing 
b. Disposing of sulfuric acid titrant waste 
c. Etc. 

10) Maintaining an accurate ELN to ensure reproducibility of experiments and a log of data 
11) Managing time to complete tasks efficiently and prioritizing work load 
12) Troubleshooting any other problems, tasks, projects as needed 

•Possess a good technical background in Chemistry or equivalent of education and experience. 
•Basic knowledge of laboratory safety. 
•Good computer skills (Word, Excel. Etc.). 
•Strong written and verbal communication skills.


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