Electricians and Top Helpers Needed (Electrical and Electric Work Available)

CCS Construction, Cincinnati Ohio

Kenny Moniz @ CCS Construction
Hey, this is Kenny with CCS. If you’re looking for work, please respond with your name, email, location, trade and years of experience. You can reach me at 214.304.9138. I can be reached through text and phone

CCS is offering the following:

  • Top Pay with Unlimited Pay Check Advances
  • $250 Referral Bonuses
  • At least 40 hours per week
  • 401K, Paid Holidays, and Medical Benefits
  • To sign up for our $250 Referral Program, please click the following link -


Mechanics must have 5+ years of experience, the ability to read prints, layout and install without major supervision, and experience working with helpers.

Top helpers must have 3+ years of experience and have install experience, basic hand tools and willingness to work under direction to complete specific tasks.

  • To view all our openings, please click the following link

Thank you!

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