Systems software engineer

Santa Clara, CALIFORNIALanceSoft Inc


Job Overview:
1.Matlab experience where the candidate would need to get familiar with existing Matlab-based framework that we have built today. Candidate would be responsible to help clean up/debug existing code base, add new features, upgrade documentation, etc. Familiarity with fixed-point Matab is required. Familiarity with running Matlab in MEX format would be beneficial. 2.Familiarity with C++ coding basics & coding techniques 3.Familiarity with Python scripting & coding techniques
Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering or related fields.
Preferred Qualifications:
3-5 years industry experience using Matlab, C++ and Python.
Required: Bachelor's, Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience Preferred: Master's, Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience