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Nursing Assistant/Registered/TMA

Voca, Minneapolis Minnesota

Voca Health has immediate openings available for Nursing Assistant/Registered/TMA professionals in Minneapolis, MN! Interested candidates should contact [email protected], direct (347) 293-2560.   


Voca connects healthcare professionals with fantastic health systems nationwide. Our goal is full partnership with our employees, providing the tools, guidance, and opportunities to help reach their individual goals. Voca provides benefits including insurance, 401k, and dedicated support!

Assignment details are provided below, we’re very excited to hear from you!


Assignment Details 

Job Description:

  • Assists residents with personal cares(ADL’s) based on individual plan of care and kardex:
    • Provides AM/PM cares
    • Provides full bath/shower 
    • Provides oral hygiene 
    • Provides nail care; shaving as appropriate
    • Checks hearing aides; cleans eye glasses 
    • Assures that residents are clean, dry, dressed and groomed appropriately 
    • Reposition residents 
    • Performs Restorative Nursing Programs (i.e. ROM, ambulation) as applicable
    • Provides adequate nutrition & hydration (distributes meal trays, assists residents as needed, provides nourishment & water between meals as requested)
    • Assures individual toileting plan is followed
    • Answers call lights promptly

    Observes residents and reports status to appropriate staff:
    • Receives report at the start of the shift
    • Gives report to team leader at the end of the shift & PRN
    • Notifies appropriate staff of any changes in a timely & appropriate manner (i.e. incidents, skin integrity, behavior changes, illness)
    • Offers pertinent observations & input for documentation and care plan updates
    • Uses kardex
    • Takes and documents and reports weights
    • Documents completed cares in POC 
    • Responds to emergency situations appropriately
    • Handles resident and family complaints tactfully and refers concerns to appropriate staff members
    • Demonstrates competency with oxygen trans-filling of portable liquid tanks

    Performs environmental and other responsibilities as assigned:
    • Maintains order & cleanliness in resident rooms
    • Maintains order & cleanliness in other work areas
    • Reports malfunctioning equipment to Maintenance Department
    • Assists with admissions, transfers & discharges as needed
    • Answers phones with proper customer service etiquette
    • Performs other duties as assigned and directed
    Administers medications and treatments as delegated and supervised by a licensed nurse:
    Follows all shift routines regarding measuring of vital signs, weights, and administration of medications and treatments (not to include Stage II or greater wounds – topical only)
    • Dispenses meds using the right route, medication, resident, time, and dose
    • Utilizes pharmacy, drug references, and licensed nurse for medication administration questions
    • Maintains an awareness of actual and potential side effects, adverse reactions, contraindications and purposes of medications
    • Alerts nurse prior to administration of a PRN medication
    • Documents response to the PRN medication administered
    Maintains a clean medication cart

    Performs other duties as requested


  • eldermark proficiencyis a must. 

    • Technical skills including how to provide oral care, personal grooming, skin care, turning & re-positioning, nutrition & hydration, toileting
    • Proper body mechanics
    • Infection control principles & practices
    • Basic problem-solving and priority-setting skills
    • Ability to communicate effectively and compassionately with residents, families, visitors & staff
    • Ability to work effectively with diverse populations and teams

    • Observation and documentation skills
    • Knowledge of emergency procedures
    • Ability to communicate effectively and compassionately with residents and families
    • Working knowledge of HIPAA regulations

    • Ability to assess what needs to be done and respond accordingly
    • Time management skills
    • Customer service skills
    • Ability to work as part of a team

    • Knowledge of facility policies and procedures
    • Proficiency in medication administration documentation
    • Observation and documentation skills
    • Ability to communicate effectively

    Minimum qualifications require to fulfill position responsibilities:
    • High school diploma/GED
    • Nursing Assistant Course
    • Nursing Assistant Registry

    • None to one year

Traveler Benefits

Partnering with Voca comes with a number of benefits including:

  • Dedicated Recruiter
  • Insurance
  • 401k
  • Competitive, Flexible Pay Packages

Voca: The Spirit of Work

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Voca: The Spirit of Work

Voca is a relationship organization focused on uniting talented individuals with exceptional companies. At Voca, we strongly believe that a better career results in a happier you, and we are therefore dedicated to help guide people on a career path that fulfills their passion and purpose.


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