Steel Sales Manager

DHR Staffing, Houston Texas

An exciting opportunity is available to an Inside Sales Manager to work with a 60 year old Steel Service Center offering structural steel, fittings and flanges, plate and value added rolling, burning, profiling and welding services. We are seeking a professional to further develop a seasoned sales force that services both an established and growing customer base in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.
A competitive compensation package will be offered to the individual with commensurate industry experience, strong communication, organizational and motivational skills and a commitment to excellence and customer service.
The Company is dedicated to the development of its employee base and seeks management personnel who share that dedication.
If you possess these qualities please respond to the following questions when submitting your resume for consideration:

Describe your most challenging sales experience.

Describe the qualities of your pick for best boss .

Describe the greatest challenge in either your personal life or the workplace.

Who or what has had the greatest impact on your life and why?

What is your wage expectation?

**Could be 6 figures plus bonuses**

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