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Research Associates - North and South Bay

Compass Consulting Group, Danville CA

Two fantastic Biotech/Pharma companies are looking to expand and supplement their Research Associate teams across all aspects of drug development. Primary categories include biologic work (purification/ELISA/PCR), in vivo (necropsy, dosage, rodent handling), and chemical (FTIR, Karl Fischer, Gas Chromatography). Those with previous industry experience or exposure are encouraged to apply, though entry level roles become available regularly and seasonally. Profiles are screened bi-weekly - if your skill set is aligned with any of the below, anticipate a call or email!


Microbiological Duties:

  • Accurate pipetting

  • Tissue culture


  • Buffer preparation

  • SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting

  • Chromatography


  • The ideal B.A./B.S./M.S. candidate will have 2+ years of related industry or academic research experience. Co-authorship of scientific poster(s) or publication(s) is beneficial.

  • Aseptic tissue culturing technique is critical, and experience running various cellular assays is beneficial.

  • Various experience with protein analytical techniques such as: chromatography (Ä KTA systems), spectrophotometry, Bradford, BCA, SDS-PAGE, gel staining, western blotting, ELISA, enzymatic assays, BLI (Octet), SPR (Biacore), DLS, HPLC, thermal shift, among others is highly desirable.

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office products such as: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint is required.


Candidate should have a minimum of a B.A./B.S. in biology, cell biology, or biochemistry.



In Vivo Duties:

Responsibilities for this position would focus on animal studies including monitoring, dosing, and animal necropsy and organ collection. The individual may need to work with infectious and/or bio-hazardous reagents and material. The individual will be involved with general lab managerial duties such as stocking and ordering supplies, maintaining lab cleanliness, autoclaving supplies, and appropriately disposing of biohazardous and chemical waste. Limited administrative functions such as attending select meetings, equipment and supply inventory, preparation of work schedules, etc are expected.

Covering duties during weekends and off hours in week days is required.


Extensive experience in handling animal with excellent in vivo dosing techniques, such as i.v., i.p., s.c., i.n., p.o., and animal organ collection and dissection techniques. Experience working with bacterial and/or viral infection models is a plus. Excellent skills in communication, organization, flexibility and an eagerness to learn. Must work well with others and be a team player. Must be capable of standing, lifting, kneeling, bending, etc., for extended periods of time, and must be willing to work with potentially hazardous materials, adhering to health and safety guidelines.


BA/BS/MS or equivalent experience



BioChemical Duties:

This Research Associate temp position is in the Antibody Engineering Department, and involves in vivo antibody discovery from antigen-immunization through the monoclonal antibody process. Tasks will include immune cells isolation, tissue culture, ELISA screening and automation. The employee will perform the flow cytometry as needed.


Applicants should have a BS or MS in Molecular biology, Immunology, Biochemistry or related fields, with at least 2 years of hands-on experience in vitro sterile handling of primary immune cells.

Extensive experience with tissue culture and ELISA is required.

Experience with automation for HTP screening and animal handling experience is desirable.

Excellent optimization and troubleshooting abilities, keen attention to details, strong organizational, time management,  communication, and interpersonal skills are essential.

He/she must be able to work effectively in a highly collaborative environment.

The candidate is able  to follow detailed verbal / written instruction and familiarity with data analyses/presentation.

The programs like Microsoft Excel/PowerPoint are required.

She/he must be self-motivated, able to multi-task, and meet timelines efficiently and productively.



BA/BS/MS or equivalent experience
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