TMF Specialist

Compass Consulting Group, San Rafael CA

Our client  focuses on developing first-in-class and best-in-class therapeutics that provide meaningful advances to patients who live with serious and life-threatening rare genetic diseases.



TMF Management
  • Facilitate the creation of the enterprise and study specific TMF management tools
  • Maintain TMF Management Plans and TMF Content Lists
  • Work with the Study Teams to check and verify the plans and communicate the importance of each document to the Study Team based on risk level
  • Coordinate creation of the TMF filing locations within BioMarin based on the study specific TMF Content List
  • Participate in the Quality Control of documents (paper and electronic) submitted to the TMF or eTMF
  • Facilitate the review and submission of TMF records to Records Management personnel


TMF-Related Collaboration & Support
  • Support the coordination of the transfer of study-specific trial master files from the CRO
  • Participate in Study Team meetings and provide/present regular TMF metrics updates
  • Maintain awareness of study events and the associated documentation requirements through collaboration with Study Team
  • Support Study Teams and designated Study Team Content owners in understanding their TMF-related responsibilities, requirements and expectations; act as an ad-hoc member of the Study Team Act as point person for Study Team TMF questions and manage close-out of TMF related issues in adherence to BioMarin processes
  • Support the Study Team in TMF document retrieval during Audits and Inspections (paper and electronic)
  • Manage the TMF content list and TMF Comprehensive Review tracker
  • Provide TMF metrics: completeness and quality of TMF documentation and content, including the percent completeness and the risk level of outstanding items on a periodic basis or as requested by DevSci management


Comprehensive Review
  • Participate in the conduct of quality review of the TMF for each assigned study on an annual basis per the time points captured in the study-specific TMF Plan.
  • Identify any corrective actions which must be addressed and assigned
  • Support the submission of documented evidence of the TMF Quality Review to the TMF
  • Support the management of TMF documentation issues throughout the lifecycle of an assigned study


Records Management
  • Participate in the implementation of standards and processes for DevSci records management to verify compliance with relevant regulations
  • Support and carry out the processes associated with the storing, archiving, indexing, scanning and classifying records:
  • Process records (e.g., track, scan, archive) in compliance with DevSci Records SOPs
  • Prepare and maintain manuals, training materials, policies and procedures and other quality documents as they apply to the management of records in DevSci Records
  • Provide guidance on best practices for record handling, retrieval and archival procedures
  • Provide archived DevSci records to users (e.g. internal staff and/or Auditors) for review.
  • Oversee the provision of the required documents at the time of Regulatory Authority Inspection or internal Audits Respond to TMF and non-TMF internal and/or external information inquiries related to DevSci records


Systems Development
  • Participate in the development, implementation, and maintenance of classification and filing systems per administrative, research, regulatory, legal and financial requirements
  • Manage the off-site storage of DevSci records and the contract with the storage vendor, including vendor oversight
  • Participate in the development, implementation, and maintenance of internal databases used to manage records
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