Dental Lab Production

Qualified Staffing, Neenah Wisconsin

Are you looking for a job that allows you to sit down, work with your hands and work with a team to create a product? Do you like to work independently in a casual environment? This could be the job you've been looking for.

You will be working in a dental lab putting wax on molds where metal will not go or doing the final grinding/polishing of the finished metal product. You will be sitting down 95% of shift and working close by others performing the same task. What waxers accomplish effects other departments in the production cycle. Goal is to complete 3-4 molds an hour. There is a quota set for the finishing area as well.

  • Must have previous experience using small hand tools to construct or assemble parts.
  • Able to sit for long periods.
  • Excellent hand eye coordination
  • Love detailed work.
  • Flexible to stay late if needed.

Pay: $12/hour

  • Monday - Friday
  • Start time is usually 6: 30 AM(overtime when required)

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