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Residential Roofing/Construction Sales Rep

Opti Staffing Group, Aloha oregon

This job is no longer available.

Roofing & Construction – Commission Sales Representative

Pay Rate starts @ $1700 bi-monthly, then to commission only.

Required Skills/Experience
  1. Direct experience and knowledge of the construction and roofing industry.
  2. Experience in estimating, sales, negotiating, and closing of residential construction.
  3. Possess a basic knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and computer skills.
  4. Good phone/customer service skills.
  5. Valid driver’ s license and clean driving record.


General Responsibilities
  1. Visit Office Daily
    1. Pick up leads daily
    2. Report on sales daily.
  2. Visit Jobs in progress and meet with customer to ensure customer satisfaction.
  3. Return phone calls to customers and prospective customers.
  4. Willing to crawl attic and crawl space to investigate leaks.
  5. Walk on roof to measure.
  6. Make accurate drawings/use digital aerials and job details as well as document job/prospective jobs with digital photos.
  7. Take off shoes or wear booties in customer homes
  8. Wear KGC, Inc. shirt and/or jacket
  9. Willing to take continuing education classes
    1. Sales
    2. Technical
    3. Roofing – Residential /commercial
  10.   Timely follow up with customers and prospects
  11.   Clean cut, neat in appearance.
  12.   Approximately 25% office time and 75% field time
  13.   Must complete all required paper work and forms in a timely manner.
  14.   Keep up to date sales brochures and samples available for each sales call.
  15. Wear approved safety equipment (OSHA Approved)



1)  Proper measurement and calculation of work
  1. Roof details with accurate measurements and description, roof pitch, penetrations, chimneys, skylights, dormers, valleys, etc.
  2. Material list
  3. Piecework
  1. Subcontract, if Needed.
  2. Obtain estimates from authorized KGC subcontractors are needed.
  3. Ensure adherence to quality standards
  4. Ensure adherence to profitability guidelines


Trade Agreement and Commitment to KGC, Inc.
  1. Sign a no competition clause
    1. Do not sell for other competing companies including self owned business.
    2. Do not do side jobs.
  2. Keep all Keith Green Construction documents and customer info confidential.
  3. Willing to do regular prospecting
  4. Develop relationship with suppliers and ask for leads
  5. Sales position is a straight commission position



Commission Details:


Roofing Profitability


Gross Profit Minimum

Commission Rate











Less than 25%












It is essential that all jobs are measured, planned, and estimated accurately.  Inaccurate calculations or planning will inevitably affect the job profitability.  New contracts that do not meet a minimum profitability standard of 28% will not be approved for production. 


Following completion of the job, all jobs are audited for profitability and the final commission calculations will be based on job profitability as listed.  For Roofing Jobs refer to the Roofing Profitability Table for commission rate.  Construction Jobs are on a sliding scale of profitability and must meet the profitability rates as listed in the Construction Profitability Table.  For Construction Jobs that fall below the 32.6% Gross Profit Minimum, commission will be paid according to the rates listed in the Roofing Profitability Table.


Construction Profitability



Sales Price Range


Gross Profit Minimum

Commission Rate


to  $6, 375



 $6, 127

to  $12, 250



 $11, 752

to  $17, 625



 $16, 877

to  $22, 500



 $21, 202

to  $26, 500



 $26, 127

to  $31, 350



 $30, 902

to  $103, 000



 $103, 000

and up
















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