Insulator - 1st Class

CTR Corporation (dba CTR Group), Newport News VA

The Insulator must possess knowledge, skills and abilities sufficient to insulate surfaces of pipe, ducts, valves, fittings, flanges, boilers, tanks, turbines, evaporators, refrigerating units, bulkheads and similar structures in connection with ship alteration and repair. The following is a list of typical work that the Insulator might be asked to perform:

Lay out work from written or verbal instructions, procedures, blueprints, sketches or TGIs.

Form sections of insulation to shape and size to fit systems and components. Cut out irregular shapes for valves, fittings, flanges and similar parts. Secure insulation in place with wire, metal straps or cement. Cut and fit fiberglass cloth or other fabric, wraps it over insulation, and sews the seams and joints using special tie line, needle and sailmakers palm.

Fabricate molded sections of insulation for special applications using the appropriate tools. Measure for fabrication of portable pads used in conjunction with various components on board ship. Prepare removable pads or replaceable sections of insulation by making paper patterns as necessary, cutting insulating material and sewing parts together.
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