CNC Operator / Machine Operator

WorkSource, West Des Moines Iowa

CNC Operator  (no programming experience required)

Type: Full Time
Hours: 7: 00AM 4: 30PM     Mon thru Friday 
Total Hours: 40-45 Hours per week
Pay:   $15 - $18          
IMMEDIATE - We're looking to hire NOW!
Looking for a solid opportunity? We have a need for a CNC operator. Programming ability isn't required, but would be helpful and command a higher wage.
Operating would be performing milling functions on wood product. Company builds wood products for commercial entities; shelves, display cases, etc. Milling is performed with a modern, advanced CNC unit.
- This is a stable, secure, long term position with potential for growth.
$15/hr to start, with increases to $16-18 with solid performance. 40-45hrs a week.

** Worker loads panels/product onto the mill. Person should be able to run a forklift, lift, and carry product as needed. Handling 50-75lbs is not uncommon. As a result, we need someone physically capable of doing so.

The worksite is fast paced and productive. It's a great place to work, but it's not a coffee shop. At times, there WILL be performance, deadline and quality pressure. Call or e-mail NOW!
[email protected]

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