Digital Marketing Manager

Educated Solutions Corp, Seattle Washington


ESC is seeking a Digital Marketing Manager to support a team of ten at Amazon to deliver digital marketing efforts to North American customers.  The Digital Marketing Manager will use Marketo and Salesforce expertise to build a variety of programs, emails, nurture programs, landing pages with custom forms, and smart campaigns. Additionally, this person will be required to manage programs across all our digital channels, work with agencies on content development, and build campaign-specific reports for Sales.


  • Must be a Salesforce and Marketo expert with experience in lead scoring/flow
  • Ability to build email marketing campaigns.
  • Experienced in social media marketing, site merchandising, audience targeting, and project management.


  • Adobe CQ experience
  • Ability to build reports/visualizations in Tableau
  • Intermediate HTML/CSS knowledge, familiarity with lead flow.

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