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Quality Control

LoneStar Staffing , Delano california

Job Description:

We are currently searching for Quality Control Inspector to join our production department. As the Quality Inspector, you will uphold the safety regulations of our company and supervise the production process to guarantee that all our products meet quality expectations.

The chosen candidate will perform regular product evaluations, record inspection results, and recommend improvements to the production process. To excel in this role, applicants should demonstrate great attention to detail with excellent technical and math abilities.

  • Perform regular quality assessments on all incoming materials from vendors and outgoing products for shipping.

  • Reject all products and materials that fail to meet quality expectations.

  • Measure product dimensions, examine functionality and compare the final product to the specifications.

  • Recommend improvements to the production process to ensure quality control.

  • Document inspection outcomes by completing detailed reports and performance records.

  • Teach the production team about quality control concerns to improve product excellence.

  • Supervise the production process.

  • Resolve quality-related issues in a timely manner.Requirements:

  • Computer Literate

  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar role.

  • Must be open to work in cold environment

  • Open schedule availability

- Strong understanding of quality control standards and testing techniques.

If interested come in to our branch located at 730 Woollomes Ave Suite 105, Delano, CA 93215 or call us at 661 454-7085