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LoneStar Staffing , Oakdale california

Full Steam Staffing is Now Hiring!


Pay Rate: 1st shift: $14.46

2nd Shift: $14.76




Employee performs manual work in a food service operation. Work is performed under direct supervision.


Duties of the Job

1. Cleans, mops, sweeps and dusts kitchen facilities.

2. Requisitions supplies from stockroom; receives, stores and distributes supplies.

3. Cleans, washes and polishes equipment.

4. Changes light bulbs, stacks and arranges chairs and does other miscellaneous jobs.

5. Makes minor repairs on equipment and facilities.

6. Removes dishes from dish machine and stores them.

7. Occasionally prepares simple foods.

8. Occasionally decorates or mix ingredients for the product.

9. Launders rags and aprons as needed.

10. Makes deliveries and pick-ups for catering functions.


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