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Candy Maker

FullSteam Staffing, Oakdale California

Koren Vazquez @ FullSteam Staffing
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Job Description:

Individual who is completely qualified to make a full complete line of candies, from start to finish, that meets quality and production standards. The candies made in the front kitchen (hard candy, brittle, and toffee nuts) are all together considered a complete line of candies. The candies made, colored and polished, in the pan candy department are all together considered a complete line of candies.


Essential Duties:

- Satisfactory work and attendance record

- Help others and to work in a team environment

- Monitor continuous flow of pans/trays

- Maintain a high level of sanitation and GMPs throughout the plant

- Reports malfunction of equipment immediately to supervisor

- Food safety is the responsibility of each employee which enables us to manufacture and distribute a safe, wholesome, and high quality product

- Understand and comply with all HACCP and CGMP requirements and processes

- Understand and comply with RSPO and organic programs


Job Requirements:

- Requires excellent oral, written, and communication skills

- Ability to be flexible (shifts, days, and hours)

- Knowledge of basic mathematics including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

- Must be 18 years of age


Physical Requirements:

- Constant and repetitive lifting up to 50lb. ingredient bags

- Constant repetitive bending and reaching

- Frequent twisting and turning

- Standing for prolonged time


Work Environment:

- Exposed to wet and/or humid conditions

- Temperature change as work area directs

- Moving machinery

- High noise level

- All employees must be trained and familiar with Sconza Company’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program

- Report any accidents and any unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately

- Personal Protective Equipment Required: hairnet/ beard net, ear protection and proper footwear when in production facility.


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