Electrical Engineer

Tech Talent Link, Inc , Newberg Oregon



· Our client will be hiring a Staff-level Electrical Engineer with experience using Altium Designer for schematic design, and EMC for testing. 

· Design and develop products from beginning to end.      

· Work individually on project assignments or evaluating, selecting, and applying standard engineering techniques, procedures, and criteria.


  • Provide for the      accomplishment of team objectives through the timely completion of      assigned objectives.
  • Provide for the      value of engineering solutions for products through creative design and by      applying up-to-date design solutions, techniques, approaches, methods, and      technology.
  • Assure the      value of engineering solutions by creating sketches, computer models,      mockups, and prototypes; facilitating the evaluation of it by management,      technical groups, manufacturing, marketing, and the customer; and      conducting design analysis and testing.
  • Assure proper      documentation, agency approvals, and data files by creating and      maintaining up-to-date project records.
  • Assure      efficient and effective design activity by directing the work of assigned      drafters, designers, technicians and others; and by working with      development and technical support groups on projects.
  • Contribute to      the accomplishment of team objectives through effective communication and      teamwork; and by providing technical assistance as needed.
  • Contribute to      the value of product designs by studying competitive product and      customer's practices, and by identifying customer needs.
  • Contribute to      the advancement of product designs and awareness of recent innovations by      continuing education, reading, participating in engineering      organization(s), and by developing and maintaining a professional network      outside the company.
  • Contributes to      an environment of self-sustaining, continuous improvement consistent with      corporate objectives by participating in activities designed to improve      throughput times and eliminating waste in a manner that is measurable and      provides value to the product and/or service that is delivered.

Required Qualifications

Electrical Engineer with 8+ years of experience, including using Altium Designer for schematic design, and EMC for testing. 

Masters in Engineering; or equivalent experience.

BSEE degree

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