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Why do I need live chat for recruiting?
Almost 75% of candidates never apply because they have a question about the job posting, but have no way to connect to the recruiter. Live chat has already taken over e-commerce, and online users have come to expect live chat everywhere. Set yourself apart from the competition and enable live chat on your job postings now.
Why not another live chat provider?
FlashRecruit was created specifically with the recruiting process in mind, and contains many features to work within your existing workflow. Other live chat providers require you to have yet another place you need to manage contacts, whereas FlashRecruit integrates with your ATS or CRM.
How do I get started with a Recruiter account on FlashRecruit?
FlashRecruit is a license-based platform for recruiters at companies of all sizes. Contact us to set up an account for your company.
An account was created for me, but I did not receive any login information.
Navigate to Forgot Password and enter your email address to receive another email. Remember to double check spelling of your email address, as well as any Spam or Junk folders in your email. If the problem persists, please contact us.
How do I reset my password?
If you forgot your password, first navigate to Forgot Password and enter your email address to receive an email with a link with instructions on how to reset your password. If you simply want to change your password, you can find it at Settings > Change Password.
Is there a FlashRecruit mobile app?
Yes, you can download it from the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store.


Can I add a live chat widget to my website / career site / job board?
Yes, all companies will have the option to add the Live Chat Popup Widget anywhere you can paste in a single line of Javascript code.
Is the live chat widget customizable?
Yes, you can change the position, the color, tooltip text to show on hover, an automatic time-based tooltip with message, and more. Contact us to learn more about all of the available options for the Live Chat Popup Widget.
How do I create a unique URL for every job that I have?
FlashRecruit will automatically create a unique URL for each job you have, whether you create them manually in FlashRecruit or use one of our Integrations to dynamically sync your jobs. Simply add this link to your job postings before distributing, or paste it anywhere candidates will find your jobs such as social media, email campaigns, and so on.
Can I customize my Recruiter profile? Company profile?
You and your company both get a unique public profile page in which you can add links to your social media accounts, email, and website. You may also add a biography or company description to these pages. Both profiles will display your list of active jobs, with the company profile having a list of all jobs and recruiters at the company.
Where can I use the Chat Button I created using the Button Generator?
Anywhere that HTML is supported: your own website or career site, your email signature, documents that support hyperlinks, email campaigns, and even some job boards. You can create a button that links to your User profile, Company profile, or any of your jobs.


What happens if I am offline or away from my computer when a chat comes in?
You have a few options on how to handle this:
  • You can begin the chat at your convenience, and we will notify the candidate via email or SMS message that you are back online and ready to chat.
  • Reach out to the candidate directly by using the email and/or SMS contact information they provided during the chat.
  • You can configure an offline message that will display in the chat to let candidates know you will follow up with them upon your return.
I have to ask job seekers a set of common questions, is there a way to automate that?
You can set up screening questions on each job that a candidate must answer before starting the chat. You even have the option to configure some answers to automatically disqualify a candidate to help save you time in the screening process.

You can also set up the first "greeting" message to be sent upon beginning a chat, as well as common quick responses in the Settings area.
What questions does the ChatBot ask? Is it configurable?
The ChatBot helps engage the candidate while they are waiting for you to join, and asks three simple questions that can be skipped at any time:
  • In what location are you looking for a job?
  • What skills do you have?
  • Would you like to leave your phone number?
We have found these questions to be the most commonly asked by recruiters in a chat. In addition to these questions, the ChatBot will allow the candidate to leave a message for you in the event you are unable to join the chat in a timely manner. At this time the ChatBot is not configurable, but you can ask a candidate questions by utilizing Screener Questions.
What happens when I complete a chat?
Upon ending the chat, it moves to an Archived list, so that you can look back on it at any time. A chat transcript is sent via email to the job seeker, along with your contact info.


How does the Bullhorn integration work?
When connected to Bullhorn, FlashRecruit will automatically add unique chat links in the job description of each job. Upon completing a chat with a candidate, FlashRecruit will automatically send all relevant information to your Bullhorn instance, including all of their contact information, résumé, and chat transcript.
Does FlashRecruit have an API?
Yes, we offer a RESTful Javascript API for syncing job information and adding unique chat links to each job. You can also use the API to set up custom integrations with your platform. Send an Email to our team at [email protected] to learn more about our API.

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