Built For Recruiters

Solving common problems through live chat designed specifically with the recruiting process in mind.

Access a New Channel

Making it easier to talk with passive candidates

In today's transparent world, finding candidates is easy, but connecting with them is hard. FlashRecruit allows recruiters to capture a new channel of candidates who haven't formally applied. Recruiters that do not embrace modern technology will lose out on the potential talent that expect live chat.

For candidates, there's a plethora of job postings, but they don't always apply simply because they want to ask a question or talk to someone first. The informal nature of chat takes the pressure off for candidates, and leads to more conversations than an apply button alone.

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Solving Problems Through Chat

Live Chat can now be a part of a recruiter's repertoire of emailing, calling, and utilizing social media to find job seekers.

"We had a position open for 90+ days. Included FlashRecruit Chat as an option on our website and 3 days later, I had a qualified candidate come through and he was onsite in 48 hours to sit down with our team."

"It is a different way to communicate with candidates. Not everyone likes calling or emailing, but live chats make everything easier."

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Instant communication streamlines the process for both you and the candidate

  • Qualify candidates for next step faster than ever before:

    • Schedule phone calls immediately

    • Set up interview times without emailing back and forth

    • Secure Right To Submit

  • Disqualify candidates who do not meet necessary criteria:

    • Add screening questions with the Intelligent Screening System

    • Automatically knock out job seekers whose answers are undesirable

    • Ability to review candidate qualifications before starting chat

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Get More Done

FlashRecruit is designed to work within your workflow, allowing you to be more efficient at what you are already doing.

"We posted one of our jobs to a Top 5 job board using our FlashRecruit integration. In total, we received only 3 applications, but had 12 Chats in just the first 6 days. We set interviews with 4 of the candidates, and a hire was made in 2 weeks!"

"It was great being able to chat in real time with potential candidates. It allowed me to answer quick questions and set up appointments real-time."

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Live chat helps a recruiter save time, their most precious asset

Start the conversation immediately and reduce dropoff pre- and post-application by capturing the attention of a candidate when they are looking at your jobs. Transparency in the process helps gain the trust of the candidate by knowing the next step at all times.

If you do high volume recruiting, you want to talk to anyone—as quickly as possible. With FlashRecruit, you can set appointments in real time and obtain new leads by just enabling live chat on your job postings.

With the FlashRecruit mobile app, you don't have to wait for replies by email, LinkedIn messages, or a phone call, you can talk live with candidates no matter where you are or what time it is.

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Faster Than Ever Before

According to the 2017 LinkedIn Hiring Report, 57% of recruiters stated competition for talent is one of their top challenges. Get ahead of the competition using live chat for recruiting.

"We work in a competitive market where speed is key - FlashRecruit enables our team to get in touch, and secure right to submit faster than our competitors."

"A typical job posting secures about 20-25 people to come in for interviews. Staffworks was able to schedule 55 interviews in a single day using the FlashRecruit live chat recruiting platform - a 120% increase in the number of candidate interviews."

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