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Sean Knight

Recruiter (All Trades in Raleigh/Durham and Eastern NC) at  Logo for CCS Construction  CCS Construction


I am a product of the great state of North Carolina and have lived in the Charlotte area my entire life.  I currently recruit for all trades in the Raleigh/Durham area along with Eastern North Carolina. CCS gave me my first opportunity to recruit and I have been here for less than a month. While I may lack experience in recruiting, I make up for it with the dedication and commitment to be the best recruiter I can be and for the people that matter (YOU!). I truly enjoy the feeling of making a difference for someone else. Coming from a sales background I had been conditioned to sell people things they didn’t really want just so I could make a quick buck. Recruiting gives me the opportunity to get back to having personal relationships with some incredible and hard working people that just need an opportunity. I thoroughly enjoy placing someone on a job because I really feel like I made a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their families. At the end of the day I get to go home knowing that tomorrow might be better for someone else because of something I did today and that alone drives me every single day. 

Three Fun Facts:

I have 3 dogs. Finnegan, Cal and Sophie.

I am a sports enthusiast and love traveling to different stadiums and arenas.

When I’m not working I am either somewhere in the city or hovering over a grill. 

Raleigh, NC, USA