Photo of Sean Knight

Sean Knight

Recruiter (All Trades in Raleigh/Durham and Eastern NC) at  Logo for CCS Construction  CCS Construction


 I am a resident of Charlotte, NC and I recruit for all trades in the Raleigh, Durham, and Fayetteville as well as all Eastern NC. 

Recruiting gives me the ability to help find jobs for people who just need someone to give them a chance. It has been extremely rewarding to have guys working for me that have found the security with CCS that they haven’t been able to find elsewhere.  

The one thing that makes me a better recruiter than anyone else is the time that I invest in it. I like being at work early and have no issue working late. The guys working for me don’t need a job any less after 5pm than they did the rest of the day, so putting in extra time trying to find a fit goes a long way.

What really sets CCS apart from any other company is quality of work that our sales reps are able to find, the level of support that our employees receive from our front office, as well as the involvement that the recruiters have with all of their employees. It is really designed to make each employee feel as if they are the only ones that matter. 

Raleigh, NC, USA